From intimate masterclasses for wine aficionados, to casual and approachable wine education evenings, to larger wine expos - whatever your level of knowledge, we have a wine tasting event to suit you.

A wine tasting event with us offers you the chance to taste thought-provoking wines with a story, not found in the chains. Our events are dynamic and constantly changing to ensure we bring you a wine experience like no other.

With over 20 years of wine experience, our founder Paul and his team of sommeliers and wine educators will bring the cellar door to you, to host a fun yet informative wine event. By embracing new ways of looking at wine, our goal is to make the wine experience enjoyable for everyone, no matter what your taste in wine may be.

Baumé is also proud to host virtual wine tastings. From one-off virtual wine tours of well-known wine regions around the world, to six-week masterclasses where you’ll delve into the intricacies of specific wine regions, varietals and cuisine. You may even receive a special guest appearance from one of our winemakers themselves - there’s nothing that brings your wine experience alive more than speaking directly to the person who has produced it!

We love to deepen our clients' love of wine, providing useful tips and tools for enjoying wine at home, on the beach or perusing sometimes intimidating restaurant wine lists.

You’ll walk away with a new understanding of wine, know how to easily find wines you love, and perhaps even consider re-trying a varietal you have previously steered away from. We strive to keep Baumé wine events interesting and unique, much like the wines we offer.

Upcoming wine events near you

Join us at an event coming soon near you. Ranging from $50 to $200 per ticket and spanning Brisbane, QLD to Ballina and NSW – our wine events are for all tastes and budgets. Watch this space for new updates about wine events coming to you soon.

The Tasting Room

The Tasting Room experience is an exclusive wine event strictly limited to 14 people. A themed panel type wine tasting, it’s perfect for those looking to refine and build on their existing wine knowledge and who are happy to discuss points on the wines at the end of the tasting. If you are a more serious wine enthusiast who has a very keen interest in wine, this is the event for you. This tasting assumes an adequate level of wine knowledge.

Join us at the Tasting Room, set to become the pinnacle intimate wine event held on the last Thursday of every month.

The Tasting Room Events