Winesave PRO


The latest and greatest Winesave PRO has everything that has made Winesave the premium wine preserver for almost a decade:

- Made with 100% all-natural, high-quality, food-grade, argon gas.

- Protects up to 150 applications - the most in the market.

- Attractive canister design with unique weighted base.

- Ultra-repellant flexible hose dispenser. 

  • Key Points

    The new version of Winesave PRO also has:

    - Returned to the iconic and easier-to-open cardboard box.

    - Modernised messaging on the outside.Improved instructions on the inside.

    - ISO 9001 certified manufacturing.

    - Refined patent-pending design. 

  • What is Winesave?

    The world's first, patented, hand-held canister containing 100% argon gas that is: all-natural high-quality food-grade . Argon is nature's perfect wine preserver as it is inert, harmless, tasteless, odourless, colourless and most importantly, heavier than air. ​Simply spray for one second into an opened bottle of wine and it creates a perfectly natural layer above your wine, preventing further oxidation from the air above. ​Guaranteed to keep your opened wine fresh longer - days, weeks, or even months..