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A globe trotting mix of everyday fizz to quench your thirst (after a long day) and fizz for when there is something to celebrate.

2016 Bass River Vintage Brut

NV Monmousseau Brut Etoile

NV Delamere Sparkling Rosé

NV Mainegra Cava Nature Brut

NV Antonutti 921 Prosecco

NV Baron Jacques Brut Blanc de Blancs

  • Style & Food Matching

    2016 Bass River Vintage Brut (Gippsland, Victoria)


    Farming Practices: Practising Biodynamics

    50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir from the home block. On opening, this fizz shows lovely citrus and green apple with steely acid. The wine unfurls really nicely with some air to show more brioche and biscuit (albeit subtle). This shows that it will develop very nicely in bottle over the next few years. Drink with canapés at a party or alongside an oily fish. 


    NV Monmousseau Brut Etoile (Loire Valley, France)


    Farming Practices: Conventional

    70% Chenin Blanc and 30% Chardonnay and 18 months on lees. This incredible value fizz has a wonderful balance of slight acidity and lovely fruity aromas on the crisp, dry finish. Celebrate it with oysters or a goat's curd salad.


    NV Delamere Sparkling Rosé (Pipers River, Tasmania)


    Farming Practices: Conventional

    100% Pinot Noir made traditionally with around 2 years lees time, giving the wine some lovely toasty elements. Aromas of fresh strawberry and musk add to its complexity. Great with prosciutto, soft white cheeses, oysters and salmon.

    NV Mainegra Cava Nature Brut (Navarra, Spain)

    Farming PracticesConventional

    This tangy, sherberty fizz spends a little over a year on lees giving it lovely texture and complexity. Its versatility makes it a great match with seafood, salads and chicken cooked on the bbq. Conventional.

    NV Antonutti 921 Prosecco (Veneto, Italy)

    Farming Practices: Conventional

    Incredibly fresh and crisp, smelling and tasting of Granny Smith Apples. A fantastic wine to pair with canapés, cheese boards and charcuterie, as well as prawns and scallops.

    NV Baron Jacques Brut Blanc de Blancs (Burgundy, France)

    Farming Practices: Organic

    The nose is expressive with hints of wild flowers and citrus aromas. Well-structured and perfectly balanced with flavours of brioche and fresh butter. Smoked salmon blinis or fried chicken. 

  • Various Countries

    2016 Bass River Vintage Brut (Gippsland, Victoria)

    Bass River is tiny winery that bears a resemblance to a small domaine in South Gippsland - in size, approach, passion and very often in the glass. The vignerons - The Butera Family, emphasis being placed on producing small quantities of premium wines grown only from the estate vineyard, expressing terroir and organic principles to hand craft distinctive regional wines.

    The land is bordered by the Bass River and the southern end of the Strzelecki Ranges. The vineyard is ideally located experiencing cool conditions from the nearby maritime elements. The Butera family has nurtured the land since 1983, with three hectares of vines following some 15 years later in 1998 to construct the House Block. A further three hectares were planted on the west bank of the Bass River in 2006. These two parcels of vines provide the unique character of Bass River wines.
    We invite you to share in our journey as we continue to blend our grapes with the season to produce Bass River's finest wines, to continue to explore the evolution of our winemaking and the pleasure of enjoying good wine in good company. 

    NV Monmousseau Brut Etoile (Loire Valley, France)

    At present, Monmousseau is one of the leading producers of sparkling wines in Touraine. This family owned business started in 1886 has been producing remarkable quality and value “Methode Traditionelle” sparkling wines from the various central Loire Valley appellations for more than 100 years. Production and ageing is carried out in 15kms of transformed limestone quarries left abandoned after yielding the stone used to build many of the famous Chateaux of the area. The cellar maintains a constant temperature of 12°C and perfect humidity for the aging of sparkling wines. Over time still wines have been added to the range and these are also produced in a fresh, pure, fruit forward style.
    Monousseau’s continued drive for quality combines both modern and traditional techniques, including the “Methode Tradionelle”, which ensures wines are aged in a horizontal position for over two years following secondary fermentation.

    NV Delamere Sparkling Rosé (Pipers River, Tasmania)

    Delamere Vineyard is planted exclusively to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay on rich ironstone soils. The deep red Ferrosol soils offer great fertility, good water drainage and moisture retention, alleviating the need for irrigation. The combination of soil and site are perfectly suited to these two noble cultivars.

    The vineyard was planted at 7500 vines per hectare and has a cane-pruned, vertical shoot position trellis system, with a very low fruiting wire at 60cm off the ground. The low yield per vine and the reflective heat from the ground produces wines with superior depth of flavour and ripe, well-developed tannins. Vine age and subsequent natural balance are key factors in the consistent production of wines with great structure and harmony.
    Delamere is a true Tasmanian Grower Producer. 100% Family owned and run, 100% grown, made and bottled at our Pipers River Estate. The region of Pipers River in the north east of Tasmania enjoys a significant climatic advantage that is unique in Australia; that of a very low diurnal range. This temperature stability is born from a unique set of geographical features. The waters of Bass Strait cool the hot northerly winds, while the cool southerlies gain heat as they cross the island. Cool temperatures and significant sunshine hours make for ideal conditions to retain delicate aromas in our fruit. The frosty and sometimes wild conditions of winter give way to clear, crisp, blue-sky days through the growing season, allowing the fruit to ripen slowly and evenly, assuring the lingering acidity essential to producing premium cool climate wines.

    NV Mainegra Cava Nature Brut (Navarra, Spain)

    Since 1982, the Suberviola brothers, all three of them wine makers, started producing their own Cava, until it was commercialized in 1985.
    Officially founded in 1985 by the father of the current owners, Mainegra, SA is a small family business located in Mendavia, Navarra, situated on the left bank of the Ebro River.
    The Cava is considered a Denomination of Origin and Mainegra was welcomed to the current D.O Cava.
    Cava Mainegra has approx 10 hectares of vineyards, producing 60,000 bottles a year. Cava is mainly made from Macabeo, Parellada and Xarello grape varieties.

    NV Antonutti 921 Prosecco (Veneto, Italy)

    "The Grave del Friuli region: far from the more glamorous wine regions of Italy and away from the spotlight, but it is the key to interpreting our history throughout the years and our knowledge.

    The area of Friuli Grave covers more than one third of the wine extension of Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the Meduna, Cellina and Tagliamento rivers have left huge quantities of dolomitic limestone and dragged it to the valley. This area is protected from the North winds and benefits at the same time from the good effects of the nearby sea. Our grapes grow in Barbeano, a pebbly land, with a high day-night temperature swing: that’s why our grapes can be harvested late, containing more flavors and fragrances."

    A devoted land, in which there is a place intimately linked to the roots of wine: RAUSCEDO, a village at the feet of the Carnic Pre-Alps, where since 1933 more than 250 vine nurseries have produced about 70 million young grafted vines per year, which are exported all over the world: the famous “Barbatelle”.

    The choice of following our own path continues: as a matter of fact, the Winery has recently also acquired the rich lands of Clauiano, where red grapes are grown in medium textured clayey soils. 

    NV Baron Jacques Brut Blanc de Blancs (Burgundy, France)

    The organic sparkling is produced by a family owned Maison that was established more than a century ago in the heart of Burgundy. All their sparklings are produced using the traditional method and are aged in the bottle for a minimum of 9 months creating wines with great length and finesse.